Guest House

Architects: Aata Associate Architects
Location: Licancheu, Navidad, Chile
Client: Mario Cerda Sepulveda
Area: 26sqm
Materials: Straw bales, polycarbonate, wood

This wondrous house is a 256sqm house is a small cabin for visits. It is a 540cm cube (exterior measure) of wooden structure and have 2 levels inside.



The house has built as a low energetic consumption, with its specials parts is in the orientation, the interior color, the location of the windows, and the insulations.

In this project, the insulation material gives a special characteristic into the façade and into the entire project.

For the walls bales of straw were in use stuccoes in mud. It gives high thermal efficiency into this house and being an abundant material in the zone.

These are protected from rains with plates of transparent polycarbonate, which leaves in evidence the materiality and zinc waved in the parts top and low.



The cover is a green cover, with pasture, which prevents that the wind to strikes directly the surface, and take heat from it.




The location of the windows has projected to allow maximum natural light into the interior in winter and as a cross ventilation in summer.

The interior color is white. It has made in order to natural light will bounce into room and reduce the use of artificial light.




Source : Guest House

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