XXLong Summerhouse


Architects: Powerhouse Company
Location: Skærup Zoo v/Jens-Jørgen Schou, Søndermarksvej 102, 7080 Børkop Munchipal, Denmark
Architects: Powerhouse Company
Partner In Charge: Charles Bessard
Project Team: Nanne de Ru, Charles Bessard, Mads Lassen, Thomas Lund, Anders Lyhne
Structural Engineer: Tonny Hovborg
Engineering: Carl Peter Adolph

Glamorous yet cost effective, this 1-storey Wondrous House challenges the idea that luxurious does not necessarily means expensive. With a budget of a standard summerhouse, the XXL Summerhouse provides all the qualities of a custom made design.



A unique site on the Danish Coast of 10m wide by a 100m long, challenged the Architect to make unusually long house. As the view is the most important assets of this site, they made a huge living/dining room on the sea and placed the bedrooms towards the back, their footprint reduced to the minimum.


Then, instead of compressing the house, the Architects stretched it to become 5m wide and 30m long as to optimally combine the garden with the house. Every room has direct access to the garden; the garden becomes a room.




Source : XXLong Summerhouse

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